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"You Don't Know Node.js"

Node.js is quickly capturing the programming world not just in web, but in IoT, drones, robots and embedded systems. If you are a geek like most of us, then you’d appreciate this presentation. You’ll become more confident in the internals of Node.js and understand how certain things work. This talk will give a sneak peak of the most interesting and powerful Node.js features. Node.js is fast and scalable web-oriented non-blocking I/O built on top of Google Chrome V8 engine. Almost every web developer uses Node or Node-based tools to some extent. However, Node has some really powerful features worth knowing. This talk dives deep into the core mechanisms of the Node.js platform and some of its most interesting features such as: Event Loop; Streams and buffers; Process and global; Event emitters; Clusters; AsyncWrap, Domain and uncaughtException; and C++ addons.

About Azat Mardan

Azat Mardan

Azat Mardan has over 12+ years of experience in web, mobile and software development. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology degree, Azat possesses deep academic knowledge as well as extensive practical experience. Currently, he works as a Technology Fellows at Capital One Financial Corporation where he provides expertise in software engineering. Before Azat worked at DocuSign, Storify, Lockheed Martin, National Institutes of Health, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations a software engineer. He taught technical classes at General Assembly San Francisco and Hack Reactor to much acclaim. In his spare time, Azat writes about technology on his blog: Azat is also the author the most popular Node.js book Practical Node.js and several other books on Node.js and JavaScript such asPro Express.js, Rapid Prototyping with JS and Oh My JS!

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