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Taking Your Searches to the Next Level with Solr and ElasticSearch

Today we have numerous open source options for building robust search features info our websites, with advanced features that most developers never even tap into. The most popular of these are Solr and ElasticSearch. Using Solr's built-in REST APIs, we'll go far beyond ColdFusion's cfsearch/cfindex tags to build complex website searches that include advanced features like faceting and pivot tables, synonyms, term highlighting, search and spelling suggestions, auto complete, nested documents, and much more! We'll use a typical ecommerce website to see how multiple page components along with the site-wide search were all fully integrated into Solr, migrating everything off of old-style database queries. We'll talk about search relevance and some of the features these search engines offer for making sure you users are finding what they are looking for and we'll discuss at how to keep your data fresh and up-to-date with database changes. Finally we'll look at some of the differences between Solr and ElasticSearch and take a brief look at the newest features offered in Solr 6. You may be surprised if not amazed, at how much you can do with Solr when you move beyond the built in CF tags! While this topic is geared towards CF developers looking for what is available past the built in tags, most of the information presented will be platform independent and should be useful to anyone interested in integrating search technology into their applications.

About Mary Jo Sminkey

Mary Jo Sminkey

Mary Jo has been working with ColdFusion since the early Allaire days, often an outspoken and active participant in the ColdFusion community, and an expert in the field of ecommerce, having for many years sold her own ColdFusion-based ecommerce software CFWebstore, and today working for a multi-million dollar ecommerce site through her employer CFWebtools.

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