NCDevCon Session Spotlight: Get Control Of Your Asynchronous JavaScript

JavaScript is getting more complex and more asynchronous. I personally am relying less and less on the traditional HTTP server side rendering and more on asynchronously fetching data and assembling it using JavaScript. If you've ever done more than a trivial amount of this, you probably know how quickly this kind of methodology can spiral out of control into an unintelligible mess. Fortunately there are techniques and tools we can use to make our lives much easier.

I'll show you how to get control of your asynchronous JavaScript, how to write maintainable and testable code and how to have a good time doing it. This talk will use jQuery for asynch code and underscore as a template library, but the concepts introduced here can be applied to most libraries.


About Bucky Schwarz

Bucky SchwarzBucky Schwarz is a software engineer at Etsy in Brooklyn, New York. He focuses a lot of effort on front end development, user experience and automated testing. He works mainly in the domain of email marketing and writes a lot of JavaScript. Outside of work, Bucky enjoys video games, wakeboarding, craft brew, fast cars, ramen noodles, and seeing the crazy crap New Yorkers do on a daily basis.

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