NCDevCon Session Spotlight: Offline-First: An approach to modern web apps

Offline-first is the backwards seeming approach of building a web app under the assumption that there is no network. This is a paradoxical assumption for the web. It pushes us to solve problems posed by offline, cached, and packaged apps first, when they are much easier problems to solve. This helps us build an application that provides a solid experience in every environment and situation. Offline-first begins with this dependable core of functionality. On top of this, we’ll explore reintroducing Online features: updating the app, utilizing remote APIs, bringing in new content, and taking advantage of data and sync services. The end of this process gives us a very flexible application we can fit into the many new roles we find the web filling today.


About Calvin Spealman

Calvin SpealmanCalvin Spealman works for Caktus Consulting, in Carrboro, NC on web projects both small and large, and is involved from background infrastructure to frontend performance. A long time lover of the Python language, user of the Django web framework, and no stranger to Javascript on both ends of the HTTP connection. These days he is spending a lot of time researching the possibilities offline apps and client-side storage bring to the web.

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