NCDevCon Session Spotlight: Reaching for the future with Web Components and Polymer

Web Components allow us to view web applications as a set of encapsulated, maintainable and reusable components. This approach is necessary for scalability and hence large applications. However, they rely on the use of emerging web platform features such as the Shadow DOM, HTML Imports and Custom elements, which have limited browser support currently. However, thanks to the Polymer project, which is a set of polyfills and an application framework using these principles, we can use web components today. They are bleeding edge, likely to change a bit and simultaneously insanely cool and undeniably useful. Come learn how to integrate these pieces into your process today and how to bring sanity and reuse to your world.


About Michael Labriola

Michael LabriolaMichael Labriola is Senior Consultant at Digital Primates, architect of several open source projects, and a PMC member and committer for Apache Flex. He has been developing Internet applications since 1995 and has consulted for many of the world’s top brands. Michael is the co-author of five books on Internet technologies, an international speaker and team mentor and has delivered solutions for enterprises worldwide using a variety of platforms and technologies. His free time is spent escaping from technology through wine and food.

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