NCDevCon Session Spotlight: Responsive Websites - Do I Need It? How Do I Built It?

This session will cover a new trend in modern web applications, responsive websites and applications. We will discuss the question of why spend the extra time making a site responsive. How to build it - with an overview of the different frameworks and techniques. And as many other tips and gotchas as we can squeeze in.


About Peter Traeg

Peter TraegPeter brings 25+ years of experience in the application development field to Universal Mind, having worked on a wide range of applications from data warehousing to online photo sharing sites.

Since 1995, he has been working with web development technologies. At the Eastman Kodak Company, he served as software architect for two of Kodak's leading online retail offerings. Most recently, he served as the presentation layer software architect for Kodak Gallery where he made extensive use of Flex, AIR, HTML5, iOS, and Android technologies to help Kodak customers share their memories across a wide range of devices.

As a solutions architect at Universal Mind, Peter brings his broad base of technical and business consulting skills to work for our clients. He is always interested in learning new application development technologies and sharing those learning experiences with others. He is active in several development user groups where he regularly speaks on web and mobile application development technologies.

When he's not experimenting with his seemingly ever growing list of mobile devices, you can find him engaging in activities such as photography, cycling, and spending time with his family in Rochester, NY.

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