NCDevCon Session Spotlight: Style, Standards, Sanity

We write a lot of code as developers, many times without paying too much attention to the elements of Style such as indentation, formatting, placement of syntax elements, etc. We got it down pat after all. We are good at this coding stuff! Why worry? However, could how we write code, for example a simple decision about moving a semicolon or how we place a curly brace, impact our code quality ? our error rates? By the same token, can elements of coding style be sufficiently standardized to help us read our code, our colleagues' code more accurately, faster, and with less stress? In other words, can we use coding style to reduce the drag on the constant pull of the looming insanity of hunting errors and debugging which by far consume the most amount of time, though we profess to be coders of excellence?

This talk will attempt to answer those and some other questions, though focus will be on JavaScript and ColdFusion examples. We will learn shared recipes that are applicable across syntax and platforms. We will also learn common pitfalls from JavaScript syntax choices, best practices for JavaScript, debugging issues based on style for JavaScript and debugging issues based on coding style in ColdFusion.


About Bilal Soylu

Bilal SoyluBilal Soylu is the CTO of Verian Technologies. He is a supply chain expert and enterprise software architect. Bilal has worked in a variety of technologies building enterprise applications before he discovered his love for the web and web based applications in the mid-90s. He has been developing web based applications using a variety of technologies ever since. His involvement with ColdFusion goes back to version 1.5 and the Allaire days. He has been an avid supporter of ColdFusion and has converted generations of Developers to the CF platform. Bilal is a Certified Advanced ColdFusion developer and a member of the Charlotte Adobe User Group. He contributes regularly to training and open source projects.

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