NCDevCon Session Spotlight: Websockets and ColdFusion

ColdFusion 10 added support for many HTML5 features including websockets which is a light weight, full-duplex single socket connection over which messages can be sent between client and server. It is the next evolutionary step in web communication compared to Comet and Ajax and provide an enormous reduction in unnecessary network traffic and latency.


In this session we will talk about:

  • What are WebSockets
  • WebSocket and ColdFusion
  • Developing a realtime application with CFWEBSOCKET
  • Deploying it on AWS (CF AMI)
  • What’s next in ColdFusion 11


About Chandan Kumar

Chandan KumarChandan is part of the core development team of ColdFusion for more than seven years. He has been involved in managing its language and runtime and keeping it current with latest technologies including addition of ColdFusion AMI, closures, REST support, implicit constructs. He has also been instrumental in building features like PDF manipulation , caching, protocol support etc. He has been a speaker at several conferences across the globe including Adobe MAX, SOTR, WEBDU, CFUNITED and many e-seminars. He is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology.

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