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API Automation and Scalability

What does API automation even mean? Building for the web or mobile requires incorporating an increasing number of components and datasources together in a secure and stable fashion. Writing APIs to connect everything is great, but doesn’t scale. Faced with this problem in our own work, DreamFactory worked to create an open source platform to generate secure, reusable APIs for use in front end development, mobile and IoT applications. We’ll zip through some of the history of how and why we built it to focus on how you can incorporate API automation into your workflow to simplify as you scale.

About Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose is a self taught technologist obsessed with working to foster more equal access to technical education and digital spaces. She's currently working with DreamFactory to help them better reach developer communities with their open source project. She’s also founded the Open Code meetup series and co-founded Trans*Code. She’s always interested in hearing about your newest project so come find her for a chat.

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