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ES6 Web Components

So, you want to make stuff in JS? Well, I'm sure you've had Angular and React shoved in your face from every direction! There's nothing wrong with them, but I want to show another option. I want to show a way with no elaborate frameworks to learn, and no convoluted error messages when things go wrong. You may have heard of Web Components. If so, you've probably equated them with Google's Polymer. Guess what? We can peel back the framework layers and JUST use plain vanilla Web Components in your application. Even better, we can turn the volume up on our Javascript by creating our Web Components with the next iteration of Javascript: ES6. ES6 Web Components don't have everything, but they are simple, composable, and they work well. What they lack, you are free to use your favorite JS micro-libraries for whatever you want to do!

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Ben Farrell

Some people call me a pixel cowboy. Some call me the gangster of CRUD. Some call me Adobe, cause I work in the office thereof.

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