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Thinking Outside the Box With CSS

Many commonly used UI features rely completely on javascript to work-- but does it need to? CSS has come a long way, and with a little thinking outside the box, we can use CSS to create some truly magical interactions. I'm talking things that will leave JavaScript feeling like Keanu Reeves sitting on a park bench eating a disappointing sandwich. In this session we'll go over some of the most underrated features of CSS. ":" selectors, pseudo elements, animations, transitions, and my personal favorite: the mighty box-shadow. We will cover not only how these can be used individually, but also how, like the lions of Voltron, they can combine to become truly powerful in a world plagued with unnecessary JS. This presentation will assume that attendees have a working knowledge of CSS. Most of what will be shown relies on very specific cascading, and due to its ease in reading, complex examples will be shown using SCSS.

About Brandon Kennedy

Brandon Kennedy

Brandon is a UI Developer at He has 7 years experience coding everything from HTML, CSS & JavaScript to obscure database languages only popular in the 70s. He has a wealth of knowledge on writing animations with CSS, and is a frequent contributor to the community. Also, he is NOT related to THOSE Kennedys.

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