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Using Vagrant to standardize iOS/Android Builds

Do you feel like setting up a development or build machine is a slow, painful and tedious task? Yeah, me too. Don't worry, Vagrant will solve (almost) all of your problems. Set up a clean build server VM image once, and everyone can use the same VM including the same versions of Xcode, Android SDK, node, ruby, or whatever you need in your toolchain. Integrate it with your project's repo and have a special build machine, per project. Tie it into Continuous Integration/Deployment for lightning fast CI setups. Setup new employees in minutes with one command. Finally, building will be so easy your manager or PM can do it!

About Trevor Brindle

Trevor Brindle

Hey, I'm Trevor. A Greensboro local. I've been working in Mobile for about 5 years at Siemens Energy, then freelance and with my currently employer, Market America. I specialize in Hybrid frameworks (Cordova), continuous integration, testing and standardization. I am speaking about building and deploying apps with hybrid frameworks in June at Dev.objective();

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