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Writing Highly Organized CSS

CSS, and how it is written has changed dramatically in the past several years thanks to preprocessors. There is now an entire discipline's worth of information on how to structure and organize CSS to make it highly reusable, recognizable, & lightweight. Come learn many popular & emerging methodologies for writing CSS, including Mobile-First, BEM, OOCSS, Atomic Design, Namespacing & more. Attendees will also learn briefly about some build tools to simplify compilation of CSS/Sass & how to apply them to current projects. - Why developers should think about the organization of their CSS. - Cover emerging & standard css methodologies including Mobile-First, BEM, OO CSS, Atomic Design, & namespacing - Tips & tricks for how to organize code to allow it to be highly readable & reusable. - Other best practices for simplifying CSS development, such as reducing specificity

About Tyler Benton

Tyler Benton

Tyler is a Developer & Lead UI/UX Architect Designer at,, He has 5 years of web development experience, including HTML, CSS, Sass, Less, Stylus Vanilla JS, ES2016+, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Node JS, Shell, ColdFusion. His primary focus is to create a unified UI/UX between desktop, mobile, apps, and product branding. His secondary passion is finding ways to make development more efficient, and he has transformed the way our teams develop to be far more efficient. When he's not coding, Tyler enjoys playing softball, golf, and other sportsball activities, woodworking, and coding more, just for fun.

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