NCDevCon Session Spotlight: Creating a Drop 'N' Drag User Interface

Easy-to-use applications like Netflix's video queue have made it very simple for users to organize items by dragging and dropping them into place. Using jQueryUI, the same tools are available to web developers everywhere. This presentation will start with a high-level overview of how jQueryUI can make objects "draggable" and "droppable" (and the difference between the two). From there, I will present a simple application that allows the user to drag elements around on a page to order them, and then save that new order to a central server.


About Jay Buie

Jay BuieJay Buie attended North Carolina State long enough ago that he still calls its Centennial Campus “the new part.” He obtained a degree in Computer Engineering in time to get in on the dot-com explosion. After moving to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, he spent most of his career developing web sites and applications for the tourism marketing industry. In 1996, Jay got tired of writing flat-file text databases by hand and started looking for some way to connect to al database from the web server. After a little research, he decided to try ColdFusion and fell in love with it immediately. His work centered mainly on content management, activity reporting and remote interface systems for resort travel and tourism portals. For the past three years, Jay has moved into the government contractor space as a Senior Consultant for CGI Federal. There’s plenty of challenging work with ColdFusion, JavaScript and XML and he usually has an interesting problem or two to solve. He is able to work remotely from his home in Myrtle Beach. It remains the best career move he has ever made.

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